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You have the power to create anything

Your reality is created from your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Yes, we live in a co-created reality, but your life, your experiences, are created by you. So if you have manifested poverty, you can create abundance. If you have created disease, you can create health. If you want a better career, more money, better relationships, you can create this too. And so much more. I can help.



Think of Light Grids as Powerful Holographic Software Programs to help

Money Manifestation

Health and Healing

Protection For You & Home

Spiritual Growth

Career and Business

FREE Personalized Sacred Geometry Mandala

All Light Grids come with a FREE Personalized Sacred Geometry Mandala (example shown below) that has your Light Grid already encoded to enhance the Light Grids potent magic. Save it as your background, print it out (in color) and post it on a wall where you can see it, as a powerful reminder.

What is Mayan Light Language?

Ancient Mayans understood Light Language as the cosmic conversation between the physical and etheric worlds. As a Universal Language, Light Language transcends the spoken word.

Light Language is known as ‘sacred geometry’  – the combination of geometric dimensional shapes and color rays. Geometry shapes and color rays are all around us in every form in the Universe. They carry a frequency energy that is both seen and felt by all living beings. The particles of information (the colors & shapes) are created from LIGHT WAVES and each combination has a unique message.

These sacred geometry shapes and colors speak to your energy and the energy of the Universe in a language that it understands. Kind of like how your computer is running off of a computer language,  ANYTHING can manifest on your screen if you know how to talk to it. It’s the same concept here. This light language speaks to the Universal Energy Field about what you want to experience.  I do warn you though, this is very powerful, so you must be ready for a change!

A 7 shape personal grid brings a whole new configuration of your basic 7 chakra system (crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root).
The grid you get is unique and customized especially for you with the appropriate shapes and colors that will anchor the right frequencies into your inner world. It will literally shift the way you perceive, create, experience, manifest, and interact with reality, in a way that brings healthy transformation, growth and evolution into your being and into your life.
Once your grid is activated, it takes 28 days for its energies to fully settle, yet you will likely start feeling the shift right away.  The grid can last up to 17 months on you.

Step 1: first we’ll have  a 30 minute conversation on Video Chat.

Step 2: I write your grid and activate it for you. I will also include a FREE personal Sacred Geometry Mandala.

Step 3: Wait 3 days for full activation and it must run for at least 28 days (moon cycle) until it can be changed again.

A 49-shaped Light Language grid is designed based on the specific goal or intention that an individual wants to emanate and manifest.

Examples of Intentions or Goals:
– I increase my financial abundance by 30% by the end of 2023.
– I am now in a loving relationship with a supportive partner by July 2023
– I receive a 25% raise at my work by September 2023.

Greg will weave the 49-shaped Light Language Grid, along with a  Free Personalized Sacred Geometry Mandala that has your Light Grid already encoded into it. After you receive your mandala, it is already working! All you need to do is look at the grid as a whole and allow the images to penetrate into your aura. Do it once, and that is it! Feel free to set it as your background, print it out (in color), or save it to your phone. Just set the grid out in a place where you can see it often, or place it away in a binder. It is already doing its work with the Universe to magnetize these experiences to you.

One (1) 49-shaped Grid with one intention statement = $74
Bonus – FREE Personalized Sacred Geometry Mandala to enhance your already powerful grid. Double the power!

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✅ Back/neck pain/headaches, ✅ Soreness, ✅ Chronic pain, ✅ Chronic illness, ✅ Joint pain, ✅ Blockages

"I highly recommend having a personal grid created by Greg. Having had lots of healing and therapy, I am so blown away with how simple, yet how profound this work really is! It truly is life changing! Since having the grid done, I feel lighter, clearer and there is much more space in my life to move forward and create the life I want to create. Thank you Greg!"

- Val

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