Greg The Alchemist

Greg is an Energy Alchemist, Empath and Light Grid Weaver who helps transform energy in order to help people grow, heal and thrive. Having had to overcome anxiety, allergies, poverty, homelessness, and a life-threatening illness, he shares the tools he used to heal with others. His mission is to help awaken the beautiful people of Earth to their highest potential. He has training in all sorts of esoteric and energy healing modalities such as Hands-on-Healing, Mayan Sacred Geometry Light Grids, Astrology, Tarot, Crystals, Sound Healing, and more.

I Am an Energy Alchemist that specializes in Healing Hands Energy and Mayan Sacred Geometry Light Language as Powerful tools to help transform Your Life.

I use this platform in order to reach and assist as many people as possible. Here I share energy tools for anyone that is looking for assistance with their path and healing. Now more than ever we must use the all tools available so that we can propel ourselves to our highest potential.


Mayan Light Language
I am a practitioner of Mayan Light Language handed down by the Curanderos (Master Healers) of Mexico. This powerful language can assist you in healing and creating the life that you truly desire. Check out my TikTok channel for free Light Grids.

Energy Healing and Dowsing
I am an Energy Alchemist which gives me the ability to transmute energy with my hands and intention. This powerful technique can be learned by anyone through practice and experience. With this technique, you can heal yourself and others both physically present and remotely.


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